About Us

About The Website

The website was crafted by a talented group of FHS students as a unique and informative source of information about Farmington High School's course offerings. This site is not a substitute for the complete and definite Farmington High School Registration Guide which is found as a PDF document on the FHS Registration page. Please see that document for important, additional information about our courses and the registration process in general. We hope you enjoy this site.

About the FHS Web Genius
A school counselor and a group of students had a vision. The FHS Web Genius is composed of students who were recommended to be part of the project. Each student brought their own skill set which they received from courses taken at Farmington High School. Every student and staff listed below devoted their time and energy to make the website you see today.

FHS Current Web Genius Members:

Cameron Mager- cameronm@fhsguide.org
Data Entry, Site Editor, Site Design, Drupal Manager, Site Manager, Site Developer

Carl Asmus- casmus@fhsguide.org
Site Editor, Data Entry, Drupal Manager, Site Manager, Site Developer, Board Liaison

Emma Kelly- emmak@fhsguide.org
Public Speaking, Data Entry, Data Organization

Erin Hoy- erinh@fhsguide.org

Maxwell Schreifels- maxs@fhsguide.org

Michael Vierling- michaelv@fhsguide.org
Data entry, Site Editor, Site Designer, Drupal Manager

Sam Seyfert- sams@fhsguide.org
Graphic Designer, Video Editor, Data Entry, Filmer, Site Editor, Web Design

FHS Web Genius Student Contributors

Andy Payne- andyp@fhsguide.org
Public Speaking, Group Coordinator, Data Entry

Ben Cline
Student Input

Cassandra Rubert
Wall Contributor, Teacher Collaborator

Claire Schiller
Wall Contributor, Data Entry

Gavin Mallott- gavinm@fhsguide.org
Site Editor, Site Design, Data Entry, Drupal Manager

Mac Quist
Graphic Design, Data Entry, Site Design

Tammy Cao- tammyc@fhsguide.org
Graphic Design, Data Entry, Site Editor

Wyatt Cielech
Student Input, Community Liaison

FHS Web Genius Staff Contributors

Ms. Davelis- adavelis@farmington.k12.mn.us

Mr. Pfau- jpfau@fhsguide.org
Founder of the FHS Web Genius

Numerous teachers have devoted time and provided valuable information about their courses. We are extremely grateful for the input in which these teachers have supplied in order to make this website the best that it can be.

We plan to continue improving this site in the years to come, making it the most useful, interactive, and exciting source it can possibly be; assisting students in finding the classes they wish to take in order to discover the career they wish to follow.